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The Shoot

Our beautiful studio provides an atmosphere for any style of photoshoot. We cater for any age, size or style of photoshoot you would like. I have been a photographer for over 12 years and I have photographed a huge range of people. 

I know that It can be incredibly daunting having your photo taken, I absolutely get that! The second a camera is in our face we freeze up, thinking what do I do? This is where I step in and completely eliminate this fear. I will direct you through your entire shoot. There won't be a moment where you don't know where to be, how to pose, where to look or whether you smile or not. I am firing directions so fast there isn't a moment to feel awkward or wonder what you're doing!

A lot fo clients often ask me for a a more candid style portrait, something that isn't so posed and formal. I absolutely love this style of photoshoot, especially when it comes to your children and family portraits. The funny part is, in order to capture a “candid” shot, I still need to set your pose and direct you through it, otherwise it becomes an awkward moment of not knowing what to do. 

My ultimate goal for any style of photoshoot is for you to feel relaxed, comfortable and pampered.

Beautiful portraits are a big investment and no one appreciates that more than me. And no one appreciates the importance of a portrait more than me.

Our photoshoots are all about YOU! How do you dream of being photographed? What does your perfect family portrait look like? Do your current headshots represent you and your brand? Do you want to capture your beautiful pregnancy curves in a way that you will admire? Those first special few weeks of your newborn baby's life, how do you want to capture them? Are you luckily enough to have generations of woman in your family that deserve a stunning portrait? Whatever, or whoever it is you want to capture, we will tailor your shoot to exactly what you dream of. 

Portraits are about capturing a moment in time that can never be replaced. They are about storytelling and legacy's, passed through time from generation to generation. They are beautiful and they are priceless, and it brings me an immense amount of joy to provide this service for you. 

The Shoot The Shoot Guide

Post Production

If your looking for a photographer to take a whole bunch of photos and whack them on a disk for you, you've got the wrong person! In my mind, anyone is capable of taking a photo, that's the easy part. What my work is about, is turning those beautiful photos into a piece of art. It's not about changing you or turning you into someone you're not. It's about putting time, love and effort into an image so that it looks polished and breathtaking.

Each image is hand edited to whatever level or requirements you desire. I do not show you a ton of images, only the very best! I believe in quality over quantity in all aspects of life and my work is no different! If you're going to do something, do it properly!

Casey Vanliefde - Post Production

Shoot Planning


For a more accurate description of planning for you photoshoot, I highly recommend heading to the appropriate page for the sale of shoot you are after. “For You” are images for you. This is about Glamour, boudoir, bridal; basically an experience where you want to celebrate the woman you are! “For The” if for you children. Newborn portraits, babies, children and siblings. You will also find all the information on my legacy package. “For us” is all about family portraits and groups. 

All genre's of shoots include some form of glamour and pampering. This means hair and makeup, even if you want it simple and natural. If you have young girls, they simply love sitting in the makeup chair and having some curls put in their hair. Your portraits are as much about the experience as they are the result. 

Please do try and put some thought and effort into preparing for your shoot and your outfit choices. I do have a wonderful selection of headpieces, fabrics, gowns and dresses to incorporate if you get stuck or if you're wanting that little something extra. Below are some tips and recommendations, but take from it what you like. Please don't panic if you feel like you don't have all of these checked off, you're going to look beautiful no matter what!

Before your shoot

  • Spray tans are wonderful but not essential. If you're feeling a little pale treat yourself to one a day or two before your shoot. They can often give you that little extra confidence and glow in your photos.

  • Eyebrows. Freshly shaped or plucked eyebrows go a long way!


  • Bring 3-5 outfits. Try and range them from light to dark. Have fun with these! If you have an old ball gown or wedding dress, bring it along!  Here are the main tips for clothing:

  • Form fitting is best but not essential. If you wear a lot of baggy clothing that's fine, but more fitted cuts give you nicer shape and photograph better.

  • Limit patterns. Keep clothing simple, think textures rather than patterns and design. Lace, tulle and beading are all fabulous!

  • One black outfit is essential, but try and limit it to one or tow sets. 

  • Bras and underwear. Ensure you have the right lingerie for the right outfits. A strapless nude bra can go a long way! As can a nude g-string/knickers.

  • Boudoir lingerie. If you're thinking of being a little adventurous and having some boudoir photos done, just bring your favourites. I have a beautiful range of items in my studio wardrobe for you to use. If your wanting more nude style images, please bring a nude g-string.

  • Shoes are not essential and are only required if you need the height or you plan on seeing them in one of the shots.

If you're unsure, just bring it and I will help decide!

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