"The Why"

"Real estate is the land along with any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made—including water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, and bridges. Real estate is a form of real property."

But to me, its about the people attached to those homes and understanding what that home, (or the next one they are after), really means to them. I am a people person so it's really important to me to understand my clients needs and concerns and to appreciate the driving force behind their sale.

When I listed Michelle's property, it was more than just a listing, it meant everything to her and her family (as you will find out in her story below).

When I started Real Estate, I knew I had to do things in my way and ensure my clients needs were taken care of. Their "why" is always the most important factor to me as it's the reason behind decisions and choices. It's a driving factor that is important and needs to be considered.

In my last blog, I kept it quite impersonal and focussed it more on the marketing and sale of the property. But what people didn't see, was the story behind the process and why achieving the best result possible for Michelle was the top of my priorities!

I think we can all appreciate how significant our homes are to our lives and what they represent. Often, selling a house marks the end of a big chapter and the beginning of a new one.

I am just so happy for Michelle and her family and that I was able to help them in this process, enabling them to all move forward into their new home and create some beautiful new memories that I hope will begin to heal some of the tragic wounds this beautiful family has endured.

Thank you for trusting me with your story and allowing me to share it with others. I personally find so much inspiration and courage from reading stories like this and I have no doubt it will touch the hearts of many!

If there's one thing we all need to remember, it's to live life to the fullest and make the most of everyday and every opportunity that comes our way! Michelle put selling her house on hold as it just seemed to hard. But with the right help and encouragement I have no doubt she is so happy she decided to sell and move into something that suited her and her family better! They now have something exciting to look forward to and a fresh start to embark on.

Don't put your dreams off until later, or wait until "tomorrow", do it now! You never know when it might be your last sunset xxxx

"My life has definitely been a struggle in the last 10 years or so. It started with getting married (slightly in more of a rush than normal) due to my dad being sick with angina and emphysema and my mum having T-Cell Lymphoma.

My dad passed away 6 months later so I was vey grateful he made it to the wedding, he had been sick for quite a while. I then went on to having my first child Lily and we had decided to move in next door to my mum to be there for her when she was sick. I was also very grateful Lily spent time with my mum especially when she was very sick with the cancer. At that point my sister had been living with my mum her husband Joe and her own two kids.

These were really hard times as mum ended up being bed ridden and relied on Joe and us to help her and in the end Hospice came on board. Near the end she spent two weeks in a Hospice hospital but, called me one day to say she was dying and wanted to come home. The home she lived in had been my family home since I was 2 years old so it meant a lot to her to come back. She then only lasted a few days at home and passed away with all of us there by her bedside.

At this time I was 7 months pregnant – extremely trying times for myself, my family and my sister and her kids. I went on to having Theo two months later…it was an extremely bittersweet moment. Which wasn’t the best experience for me as I was rushed into Hospital to have a scar adhesion operation (in there for two weeks and one cuddle with my new born son due to the hospital super bugs – which both my parents caught) . I then came home and at 5 weeks ended up with Theo in Starship with Pyloric stenosis – crazy times.

We then decided to start a fresh and move to the Bay of Plenty with my sister and her two kids. We sold our family home and brought another house in Tauranga for my sister and then I rented for a while. Finally settling with 49 Leet Cres as our first family home.

We were feeling really grateful and happy at this point both being settled and with our own homes. It wasn’t until 6 months later….our lives turned upside down…more tragedy but, worse this time….my sister collapsed and went on to pass away in hospital of an aneurysm.

How I coped for the next few months was to take time off from everything….I didn’t work for two months or do much else…it was unbelievable! I started reassessing my own life and the one thing was to be happy. During this period I went into survival mode and my now ex-husband decided to separate…just another thing to add to my list of losses. It felt like a never ending spiral of grief , loss and not much else.

My nephew (my sisters son) asked if he could move to the Bay – so I was more than accommodating and

I really wanted to do it for him and my sister. This changed our dynamic of normality, my kids had to share a room so my nephew could have his own space. This obviously had a side effect of my daughter turning 10 and my son 6 and she was wanting space of her own.

That was when that knock on my door happened and was meant to be…..and we had this amazing journey with Casey that has changed our lives around. We finally found our light at the end of the tunnel – my manifesting, my focus, my strength had brought us to our final destination goal – LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND BE HAPPY.

I’m a huge believer in living life to the fullest due to life being so short and losing most of the people I love, and if I can inspire at least one person from this story, my efforts to get to where I am would be all worth it."

Michelle xxx

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