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Who doesn't love a good #moodboard! Well I certainly do! During my #InteriorDesign diploma I learned how important a mood and #sampleboard is for creating a vision. I am such a visual person and to me, representing everything I want in a room with actual images, is far more successful than a spread sheet!

I want my client to essentially see the room before I even style it! Most of you will all be very familiar with #Pinterest, which I find to be an amazing starting point when #designing or #staging a room. This is the perfect way for a client (or myself) to set the scene of what they want and to essentially display what is going on inside their head!

We are only a week or so away from finishing our #firstflip and I am SOOOOO excited to get in and stage it. I am secretly crapping my pants though as I have no idea if everything I have collected and purchased will all tie in together. Sure, I've done my own homes in the past which I love, but this was done with a buyer in mind who I don't know. Also, with a small budget! I needed to stick to a design style that was simple and neutral but also had some flare.

I am really looking forward to this project, which I have no doubt will have lots of mistakes, but that's the point. I wanted to do this to experience an entire job and see how it all ties in together. What mishaps come up and how I can improve in the future.

I have popped a little teaser of a very basic mood board I did for the lounge in our property. Also, a sample board (which is an actual photo of products used). I will go into more detail with this next week, including some actual images of the room. I think it will be interesting to see how the mood board reflects a room and whether or not it helped it come together!

Stay tuned folks and wish me luck!

Casey xxx

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