Lovely Leet

This gorgeous property went under the hammer and sold (on site) for 51% above RV. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life and I am just so happy I was able to achieve such a great result for my client.

Yes the market is hot right now and there are a lot of buyers out there, however, there is also a lot of work, education and dedication that goes into selling a property and ensuring it achieves great results!

We worked with a short 3 week marketing campaign and my client was amazing with understanding the power of marketing and presenting her property in the best possible way. She was open to advise on minor staging of her home and the best practises to take to ensure it was presented beautifully during open homes and viewings.

I think what's important to remember when you go to sell and market your home, is that it's no longer "your home". As personal and important that it is to you (which I completely respect), you want to set a clean blank canvas to your potential buyers. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes them and enables them to vision themselves living in the space.

I cannot stress enough the importance of high end, professional photography and video! This is what people see first and foremost! Here is a sample of a few snaps I took from my iPhone before the photographer arrived. Sure they aren't bad and give a rough idea of the home, however, they aren't amazing, and I am all about AMAZING!

The purchaser of this lovely property was actually from out of town, so having as much visual content available was super important! The seller also decided to invest in a short, but professional video to help gain perspective on the homes layout. We wanted to keep this video simple and within a personal budget, however, you can really go to town on these and they set your property apart, thats for sure!

It's so important when marketing a property, to communicate with your client and ensure that their needs are being met, whilst achieving the best results for them. Everyone is different and has different budgets or ideas on what works. As professional agents, this is what we do everyday! We live and breathe real estate and work hard for our clients!

You may have read my second blog in my series "Where it all began". I did sell our property privately and I will always regret it! I wish I had sought out the advise of a professional, marketed it in the best possible way and put it out to a broader audience! Who knows the results we could have achieved, and the small agents commission might not have even compared to the extra profit.

One thing I absolutely love about Property Brokers is their dedication to ensuring we work as a team! We operate throughout New Zealand we all work together to ensure our clients needs are met and we achieve the best results possible! This also allows us to market to such a wide range of people, through more personal connections outside of main stream advertising like TradeMe.

Witnessing my amazing team at the on site Auction, made me so proud. I could not have done the job on my own, and their dedication to ensuring not only my seller was taken care of, but every buyer was too. Auctions can be daunting, but they can also be very effective!

I will leave you with a lovely testimonial from my gorgeous vendor! I am just so happy I was able to help her in what can be an incredibly stressful and daunting process. It is also a very exciting process that now allows her to begin a much deserved, beautiful new chapter with her family! Thank you for allowing me to opportunity to make it happen! xxxx

"My dealings started with a knock on my door and getting an appraisal for my house. I was looking but, wasn't really ready to take the next step, until I met with Doug and Casey. Casey ended up taking over my property sale and her total dedication and commitment to help me sell and buy a property has made it an amazing, stress-free experience for me. She went out of her way to help me with the process and plan out open homes before the auction. She went above and beyond personally to make sure I was guided through the whole process to get the best price for the new and old house. She was open and honest and it made me feel extremely comfortable with dealing with her. It's such a huge decision and having the right person by your side was an absolute must-have for me and I made the right decision in choosing Casey to be my agent. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a property or helping with advise on buying and selling your home. Thank you so much Casey you did a fantastic job and I really appreciated your help and guidance with selling my home."

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