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"One day all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure you are in them. No matter what your hair looks like, or the weight that you're currently at, they won't care about any of that. They'll just want to see you. Do it for them!" unknown

Family portraits are so important! Our lives are busy and we often put them on the back burner, until suddenly our kids are all grown up and we have nothing to put on the walls. 

Marisa is the studios, primary family photographer! She is simply amazing at interacting with young kids, giving amazing direction but also captures raw candid images, that are relaxed and true to who you are. 

Our family portraits are all customised to your specific requirements. Whether you are wanting something in the studio, at home or outdoors, we will tailor your photoshoot to you and your family! 

All our packages come with beautiful prints, display boxes and custom canvas enlargements! So you can get your images displayed proudly in your home. 

To design your dream family photoshoot, get in touch today!

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Shoot Guide

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The Shoot

It can be incredibly daunting having your photo taken, I absolutely get that! The second a camera is in our face we freeze up, thinking what do I do? This is where I step in and completely eliminate this fear. I will direct you through your entire shoot. There won't be a moment where you don't know where to be, how to pose, where to look or whether to smile or not. I am firing directions so fast there isn't a moment to feel awkward or wonder what you're doing!

I love candid images as well, but believe it or not, a candid image is even harder to capture. I still need to get you into the right positions and then capture a moment that is genuine.   I can't guarantee that your going to be comfortable in some of the positions I put you in, but I can guarantee you will look natural and fabulous! Think of it as a free yoga work out ;)


For Us- Shoot Guide

Post Production

In my mind, anyone is capable of taking a photo, that's the easy part. What my work is about, is turning those beautiful photos into a piece of art. It's not about changing you or turning you into someone your not. It's about putting time, love and effort into an image, so that it looks polished and breathtaking. 

If you have young children you'll appreciate how hard it can be just to get one image in focus, yet alone a portrait where everyone is looking (and looking good!). This is where the power of editing comes in and allows me to merge numerous images together, in order to capture that one beautiful shot. Who wouldn't prefer one beautiful family portrait over a bunch of average shots! It's a no brainer and ultimately why you invest in professional portraits. I never outsource any of my editing, or any of my work for that matter! Each image is hand edited to whatever level or requirements you desire. I do not show you a ton of images, only the very best! I believe in quality over quantity in all aspects of life and my work is not different! If your going to do something, do it properly!  


For Us - Post Production

Shoot Planning

For Us - Shoot Planning

Try and put some thought and effort into preparing for your shoot and your outfit choices. When it comes to group portraits or even just two of you; what you wear has a big impact on the overall look of the image. Try and keep it simple! Keep colours as neutral as possible. Think about your home and the colours you have on the walls as you want your portraits to compliment them.

Before your shoot

  • Spray tans are wonderful but not essential. 
  • Eyebrows. Freshly shaped or plucked eyebrows go a long way!


Bring a minimum of 2 outfits each, more is fine! Put simply, bring one light and one dark outfit each. Think texture, rather than passion. 

Form fitting is best but not essential. If you wear a lot of baggy clothing that's fine, but more fitted cuts give you nicer shape and photograph better.

  • Limit patterns. Keep clothing simple, think textures rather than patterns and design. Lace, tulle and beading are all fabulous!
  • Not to much black. Definitely some but try and range your outfits so they are all a bit different.
  • Ensure you have the right lingerie for the right outfits. A strapless nude bra can go a long way! 
  • Shoes are not essential but can sometimes be seen. If you want shoes in the image then bring them along.
  • If you're really stuck for options, just bring jeans and a plain black and white t-shirt. I can do more with this than anything busy!

If you're unsure, just bring it and I will help decide!


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