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The days are long, but the years are short! Your babies will change and grow before your eyes, so why not capture them for all time and display them beautifully on your walls as art!

Marisa specialises in our newborn portraits, which are very popular these days and for good reason! We absolutely adore newborn portraits and all the creative ways in which we can capture your children. But more importantly, capturing a stage of their life that is so incredibly fleeting!

Our newborn styles range from more formal posed photoshoots in our studio, to more candid lifestyle photoshoots done in the comfort of your own home! We will tailor your photoshoot to you!

We also have an incredible package called our Legacy Package. This package was designed to capture your childs journey through their first year. It can start from pregnancy or newborn and goes right to their first birthday. You can choose between 3-5 photoshoots, depending on how much of their first year you want to capture. These shoots are completely tailored to the style of photoshoot you are after, and we try to photograph them in similar way throughout, so the end result is a gorgeous fluid album and video of your precious baby!

There is a set price per shoot so you have the power to budget for the package over the course of the year. You receive an amazing bundle of images (printed and in high resolution digital), an album, canvas's as well as a gorgeous video. This is one of our favorite elements, as we video your baby during the shoots, then edit the footage together with beautiful music. It's quite emotional and something we know you will go back and look at very often!

For more information on my Legacy Package prices, simply scroll to the bottom of this page, or please contact us directly so we can send you through a quote. 

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Shoot Guide

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The Shoot

It can be incredibly daunting having your photo taken, I absolutely get that! The second a camera is in our face we freeze up, thinking what do I do? This is where I step in and completely eliminate this fear.

I will direct you through your entire shoot. There won't be a moment where you don't know where to be, how to pose, where to look or whether you smile or not. I am firing directions so fast there isn't a moment to feel awkward or wonder what you're doing!

When it comes to the newborn photos, I do it all. You can sit back and relax while I patiently wrap and comfort your baby. Some babies settle very quickly and are very comfortable within the poses. Some babies are not. No matter what, your baby's safety and comfort are my number one priority and if they are not liking a particular pose, we move on and do something they are happy with.

A maternity shoot is fairly quick, as are the various stages (6 months, 1 year etc). However, when it comes to the newborn shoot, it can take hours. So be prepared with snacks and a drink, and be patient. This is the one shoot you simply cannot get back, as within a matter of weeks you no longer have that little newborn.

For Them - The Shoot

Post Production

In my mind, anyone is capable of taking a photo, that's the easy part. What my work is about, is turning those beautiful photos into a piece of art. It's not about changing you or turning you into someone your not. It's about putting time, love and effort into an image, so that it looks polished and breathtaking.

When it comes to newborn portraits, editing is absolutely essential. My main concern for the entire shoot is your baby's safety and comfort. So many of the poses I do can be very dangerous for the baby if not executed properly. Ultimately, this is why you invest in professional portraits. I am not just a photographer, I am an artist. I love turning people and children into art as I truly believe there is nothing more beautiful to have on your walls.

I never out source any of my editing, or any of my work for that matter! Each image is hand edited to whatever level or requirements you desire. I do not show you a ton of images, only the very best! I believe in quality over quantity in all aspects of life and my work is not different! If your going to do something, do it properly!  

For Them - Post Production

Shoot Planning Maternity

For Them - Planning Maternity

Maternity shoots are very artistic and designed around your own personal requirements. There isn't a lot you need to bring as I provide most of it. If there is something specific you would like, please let me know in advance so I can source it for you. 

Before your shoot

  • Spray tans are wonderful but not essential. This is totally up to you and how you feel in yourself.
  • Eyebrows. Freshly shaped or plucked eyebrows go a long way!
  • Arrive with clean dry hair and cleansed moisturized skin.


Unless there is something particular you have that you would like to bring, I will provide most of the clothing/props for your shoot. Below is a list of some items which I highly recommend bringing. 

  • Nude underwear (g string if possible) and bra. This is not to display but very handy with a lot of the shots I do. If you don't have any, please try to source some.
  • Lacey lingerie. Anything that still fits that looks beautiful. A nice bra can look really beautiful with a simple piece of black or white fabric.
  • Anything sentimental you might like to include. This might be wedding attire, first booties, whatever means something to you. 

Shoot Planning - Newborn

For Them - Planning - Newborn

Newborn shoots are even more artistic than maternity and will ultimately compliment it. The idea of my Legacy Package is to not only capture each stage, but capture it in a way that will result in an incredibly beautiful series of images. 


Unless there is something particular you have that you would like to bring, I will provide all of the wraps, outfits and props for the shoot. All you need to plan for are the bits for your baby in between shots. Below is a simple check list of the essentials.

  • If your going to be part of the photos, please arrive with clean dry hair and cleansed moisturized skin.   Once again, if you would like to be included in the photos, please bring two simple outfits (for you and your partner if they are joining).
  • A plain white and black t shirt is perfect, otherwise anything with lace, tulle or texture. Please no patterns or text on clothing.
  • Anything sentimental you might like included. This might be a family blanket, favorite toy etc.
  • Plenty of nappies and wipes.
  • A dummy/pacifier. Even if you are planning to not use one, they can really come in use when trying to settle your baby.
  • Food. Enough food for baby and yourself. I recommend having snacks on hand if the shoot takes a little longer than expected. Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, the shoot might throw off your feeding schedule a little as getting baby settled is the most important part. 

Shoot Planning - Baby

For Them - Planning Baby

The shoots that follow your maternity and newborn are so much fun! I like to make these shoots quite quick as baby's don't last long! So come prepared to move through things quickly, with high energy. 


Think about the past shoots and the colors we have used. Always keep outfits simple when it comes to pattern. Texture is wonderful but colors should be neutral. For a 6 month shoot I will always include some beautiful nudes and something a little more staged that will compliment the newborn photos. 

  • If your going to be part of the photos, please arrive with clean dry hair and cleansed moisturized skin.
  • Once again, if you would like to be included in the photos, please bring two simple outfits. These should compliment past shoots as well as whatever outfits you have for your baby.
  • Anything sentimental that may have been included or you would like to include.
  • Plenty of nappies and wipes.
  • Food. Bottle, breast, snacks; whatever you think will help settle your baby! As they get older, bribery can go a long way with helping them co-operate. This can be as simple as their favorite snack. Lots of energy and patience.


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Final Steps

Of course with pregnancy and childbirth, there are no guaranteed dates. We will need to pencil in some dates and start making arrangements for your photoshoots. This includes any specific design ideas or requirements you have. I work 6 days a week, including Saturdays, although my Saturday's book up in advance so are generally not available for newborn shoots. I simply cannot wait to photograph you and your precious bundle! This will be a journey you will not regret capturing!

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