Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are on level 3, unit 13/73 King St Pukekohe. There are stairs and a lift for easy accessibility.

Where should I park?

The best option for parking is to go down Devon Lane and park in the Farmers carpark building. They have a lift down to Devon lane behind the studio. You can walk down the footpath and directly onto King St. Turn right and the studio is right next door to Whitcoulls. 

What if I have a lot of stuff with me to carry?

If you have a lot of items to carry and manage, please contact Casey directly on 0211850827 so she can arrange to meet you at the back entrance of the studio, situated on Devon Lane.

How should I come dressed?

Comfortably is best and with a top that is easy to get over your head once you have your hair and makeup done. I also recommend darker colours as you may get some making falling.

Do I come with makeup on?

If you are having your hair and makeup done for your photoshoot, please come with clean dry hair and cleansed moisturised skin. We love to work with a clean fresh palette.

What if I have super curly/frizzy hair or style it in a specific way?

If you have a specific type of hair that you like to manage in a certain way, please bring the products you require or do what you need to do to it before the shoot. These photos are all about you, and  no one knows you better than yourself! 

What clothing should I bring?

You can find the breakdown on clothing under “Shoot Planning” which is specific to your genre of shoot. Please try to plan your outfits carefully and bring the appropriate underwear. Have a look through the galleries and see what past clients have used. Remember, simple is best, think texture over pattern, co-ordinate your outfits in a group and if your in doubt just bring it! We would rather have too much to work with than not enough.

Do you have any clothing or props in the studio?

Yes! We have a range of items which you are more than welcome to wear. We do however still like you to have your own options just in case! We will also be able to tailor your outfits more specifically once you have booked your shoot and had your consultation with Casey.

Do I need to bring shoes?

Only one or two pairs, you will not see your feet in a lot of the photos unless you specifically would like to (boudoir/corporate etc)

How long will the shoot take? 

This depends on the style of shoot and how many for hair and makeup. Allow 45 mins per women for hair and makeup and the shoot takes anyway from 1-3 hours. Once we have more specifics on your photoshoot requirements we can give you a more calculates time frame. 

Can I bring anyone to the photoshoot with me, even if they are not part of the photoshoot?

We prefer to keep the photoshoot private and limit it to whoever is involved in the shoot. However we realise sometimes you need to bring a Mum/nanny to help with children and this is completely fine. You are also more than welcome to bring a friend along, but only if they are encouraging, supportive and will allow you to feel comfortable with the experience. 

How long until I see my images?

Your viewing will be booked after your photoshoot is completed and is usually around 2 weeks after your photoshoot.

How do we view the photos?

Your images will all be displayed on a large TV back at the studio where I will go through all of the best images with you via an app. This app allows us to categorise the photos, compare and essentially pick your absolute favourites. We will finalise all your prints, packages and enlargements on the day. So please come prepared with a budget and idea in mind of what you would like and how you would like to display your images. 

How much are the packages?

You can find all the package prices at the bottom of every page that corresponds to the shoot you are after. Packages start at $1500

Do I need to pay a deposit and why?

Yes, a $200 deposit is required when booking any shoot. It is non refundable but is transferable to another date should you need to reschedule. The deposit is our security that you are dedicated to your photoshoot.

How do I pay?

I have a range of payments to suit everyone. Eftpos, Credit Card, Direct Debit, Lay-by, Gift Voucher, Gift Registry and Finance are all available. Please contact Casey direct to discuss this, otherwise full payment is preferred on the night of your viewing. This allows you to receive your digital files straight away and for your order to be processed.

Can I just purchase digital images?

No! All of our packages include high resolution digital files. But you wouldn't go into an art gallery, purchase a piece of art then ask for it just on a disk. And if you did, you would still be expected to pay the same price as its not the print you are paying for, it is the work and skill that goes into creating each of your images! These will be portraits you will want to display proudly on your walls!

Why is it so expensive?

We are a full service professional portrait studio. Casey has a bachelor in Visual Arts and has spent 11 years mastering her trade. She is incredibly passionate about her work and puts a huge amount of time, detail and love into each and every photoshoot. This is not just a quick snap at the mall, you are investing into pieces of art that will be treasured for generations to come. 

How long until I get my images?

If you pay in full you will receive your digital images that day and your prints/canvases/frames will be ordered right away. These have a turn around time of 2 weeks maximum. 

What if I am not happy with the final images? 

We will do everything in our power to ensure your images are perfect and tailored specifically to your order. 

How do I book?

You simply follow this link, choose a time and date that suits, pay your $200 deposit and we will be in touch to finalise everything and plan your dream photoshoot!

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