If a picture says a thousand words, what does your profile photo say about you?

On any social networking or business site, your picture may affect the opportunities that come your way - especially if you have not met the other party in person!

You want your profile photo to look sophisticated, ooze confidence and tell your clients you mean business! 

Portrait photography is my specialty! My photoshoots are quick, can include full hair and makeup and are completely directed, so there are no awkward moments wondering what to do. 

Shoots can be done in studio or on location. 

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Shoot Guide

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Corporate The Shoot

The Shoot

Gone are the days of a standard headshot which most often look like a horrible mug shot! Social media and online marketing are what keep most business's alive and having an amazing profile portrait that represents you and your brand is essential in today's society. 

Each person and each business is different. A lawyer is going to want a different headshot to a yoga instructor. This is why before your shoot I just need a brief outline of what look you are after and how you want to be portrayed in your images.


Your photoshoot will be tailored to whatever “look” you require. We have beautiful studio lighting which can be adapted in many ways to achieve a vast variety of images. Lighting is everything when it comes to portraits!

I will direct you through the entire process, telling you exactly where to stand, what to do and what expression to have. It is very difficult being in front of a camera and not having direction on what to do. This is one of my absolute specialities, and after 12 years experience, I know what looks good in a photo! It might not feel comfortable, but the results are worth it! 

If your wanting a more candid look, these still require direction (if not more) as they need to appear natural and not awkward (which is generally how people feel when they are trying to be “candid”)!

As nervous as you might feel about the photoshoot, it is actually really fun and you will enjoy feeling like a super star!

Shoot Planning

Corporate -  Shoot Planning


Despite the look you are after, I recommend bringing at least 3-4 different outfits. These should represent you and your brand. I highly recommend keeping it simple, with neutral colours and limit patterns and text. A more fitted cut photographs better than very baggy loose clothing, but once again this might depend on your profession.


If you would like hair and makeup included in your photoshoot, ideally arrive with cleansed moisturised skin and clean dry hair. This can be difficult if you have appointments prior which we completely understand. We do have a full facility bathroom if you wish to clean up before your photoshoot. 

If you are doing your own hair and makeup, that is not a problem. Just note that makeup photographs differently to how it looks in the flesh. We do recommend a slightly heavier makeup for your photoshoot than what you wear day to day, even if you are wanting a natural look.


If you require certain props or furniture please discuss this with me prior to your photoshoot so I can try and accommodate.

Post Production

All images are edited to whatever standard or level you require. We still want you to be you, but we also want you to have professional polished images that you love!


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