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My name is Casey, I am a wife to an incredible husband Ben and mother to the two most amazing children, Levi and Mahalia.

My wonderful journey all began in 2008 after finishing my Bachelor of Visual Arts at The University of Auckland, where I majored in film production. At the same time my Mum happened to meet an incredible woman named Sue Bryce, they got chatting and it turned out that Sue needed a videographer! Well a few weeks later I was packed up and moving to Melbourne and from there we embarked on an amazing journey together.

After 2 years of travelling and setting up various studios, working in various locations and meeting the most wonderful people, we ended up in the Gold Coast. I not only fell in love with the city but also my now husband. It was time for me to settle, start my career and begin my next chapter. 

My first studio was a tiny single garage at the back of our properly in Southport. It was all white, with beautiful natural light and air-conditioning, it was perfect! It was the first house I looked at and ultimately I knew, it was the Universe's way of telling me that I was on the right path. 

From the moment I met Sue and discovered what she did, I was totally hooked. I completely and utterly fell in love with portrait photography and capturing these beautiful images of woman that made them feel so amazing about themselves. Sue taught me everything I know and continues to teach me and inspire me daily. My career as a photographer has been a work in progress, but it has always been my absolute passion, no matter where I went or what I did, I always knew I would make it work. 

In the 12 or so years I have been a photographer I have set up 5 home studios. I loved every single one of them, each providing something unique and beautiful. I always dreamed that one day I would own a big studio with high ceilings, white walls and wooden floors. It's quite incredible how our dreams come true if we focus on them enough and work hard enough to make them happen. 

One day I was driving through Pukekohe admiring the beautiful old buildings and thinking how much the town had flourished since I moved there in 1996 from South Africa. I thought to myself, how amazing would it be to open a studio in the main street of Pukekohe and expand my business. 

Well, one phone call and two days later I was signing a sales and purchase agreement and that dream became a reality! 

I have always loved my home studios as have my clients. I am also so grateful that I was able to work from home whilst I was pregnant and had my babies. But after 12 years of doing it solo and woking alone, I was so ready for the next level. 

Not only that but I have always dreamed of having a space where woman can come and get pampered with hair and makeup not only for photoshoots, but maybe for a night out or a wedding. I have also always dreamed of passing on my knowledge and experience to someone else, just like Sue did, because at the end of the day I cannot do this alone for ever and not share what I have learned. 

I truly believe in the power of portraits, I believe not only in the beautiful moments they capture forever, but the experience in which it gives people. Taking the time to organise a photoshoot with your family or for yourself takes work, but its such an amazing day and I simply love seeing these families come together and spend time with each other. A lot of my clients often joke when I have them in their poses, that “this is the closest we have been in a long time!” Its just lovely to see people stepping out of their comfort zone and coming together for something so special. 

Usually its Mum who organises the shoot and I just love seeing the respect and love children have to honour her request, as Im sure every single Mum out there will agree with me when I say, your family is your greatest accomplishment, gift and legacy. There is nothing more important in a mother's life than her children and I simply love being able to celebrate those Mum's and celebrate the beautiful children in which they have grown and nurtured. 

When you book a shoot with me, know that yes I have the credentials, and I could go on about awards I've won, and courses I've done, but quite honestly they don't mean a whole lot to me. The reason I do what I do is because I LOVE making woman look and feel beautiful and I love taking beautiful portraits that will be admired and talked about for generation after generation. 

Remember that one day we will all be a portrait. Make sure you've got some you are proud of and that represent the beautiful person you are and the beautiful legacy you leave behind. 


All my love

Casey xxx


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