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Welcome to my own personal website! I have created this space in the hopes to shed some light on who I am and why I do what I do.


Yes I'm a real estate agent, but there's a lot more to me. I've been a photographer my whole life; after completing a degree in Visual Arts. I adored what I did, but was searching for more. I love interior design, I love home staging, I simply love creating beautiful spaces and energies within it.  


Selling your property is a major event, not only are you emotionally attached to the home (in most cases) but it also, generally, is your biggest investment. So you want to ensure that whoever lists your property, understands the importance of this and actively goes out of their way to get the best possible results with the least possible stress. 


You can learn a lot about me via my Blog page, where each week (or so) I will share some stories, insights, and topics that are important to me and my journey, as well as being informative to the process of buying, selling, renovating, designing or staging. Basically, anything property-related.  


I am a very creative and passionate person, who cares about people. I communicate, listen and understand each person's unique situations. This allows me to make educated decisions when it comes to negotiations.


Throw in my love and experience with Interior Design, Home Staging, and Renovation; I will ensure your home is presented and marketed in the best possible way, to reach a broader array of people. I can help work on a plan to showcase your property, from as simple as the way we arrange your own furniture, to adding a lick of paint or doing a full stage, there are options to suit you and your home!


If your looking at buying or selling, or simply need some advice, please get in touch and let's catch up for a coffee!  

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